SAH / Ross Psychiatric Diagnostics and Empathy Lessons Course Work

Ross University Medical at Saint Anthony Hospital (SAH); click to download doc: Timeline/TImePeriods for DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual V) diagnoses requirement: TimeLineDSNVDurationDiagnosis

Ross University Medical at Saint Anthony Hospital (SAH); click to download ppt) Version 2: SAHSummaryWrapUpIntegrationV2

Ross Medical at SAH; Nancy McWilliams on Defense Mechanisms: SAHDefenseMechanismsMcWilliams

ROSS Medical at SAH: Phil Janicak: Psychopharmacotherapy quotes and tips: SAHJaniciakStudyGuide

Ross Medical at SAH: Kaufman Clinical Neurology for Psychiatrists Excerpt pp. 283 – 297: KaufmanClinicalNeurologyforPsychiatristsexcerpt283

Ross Medical at SAH: James Morrison, The First Interview, excerpt of interview questions: JamesMorrisonTheFirstInterview4thEdExcerpt327

Ross Medical at SAH: James MorrisonTheFirst Interview, excerpt of DSM-5 selected diagnostics overview: James_MorrisonTheFirstInterviewSelectedDiagnosesExcerpt288

Ross Medical at SAH: Mental Status Exam: Mental-Status-Exam PDF

COURSE READINGs for Uchicago Graham School Continuing Education Course: A Rumor of Empathy in Neuroscience, March – May [Class meets from 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm]

March 28: [Empathy] Mirror Neurons, Embodied Simulation, and the Neural Basis of Social Identification by Vittorio Gallese:

April 04: The Functional Architecture of Human Empathy by Jean Decety et al:  DecetyThe_Functional_Architecture_of_Human_Empathy copy :

April 11: Addressing Empathy Failures by Jamil Zaki:

April 18: Brainwashed: My Amygdala Made Me Do It – and Neurocentrism by Sally Satel:

April 25: Empathy [and] The Myth of Mirror Neurons and the Broken [Empathy] Mirror by Gregory Hickok:

May 02: Empathy [and] Mindblindness: Am Essay on Autism and Theory of Mind by Simon Baron-Cohen:

May 09: A Rumor of Empathy: Resistance, Narrative, Recovery [selection to be announced, based on class interest]

May 16: Empathy and Trauma: The Body Keeps the Score: Mind, Brain and Body in the Transformation of Trauma by Bessel van der Kolk:


Empathy, Stress, Brain Science at the Joe Palombo Center for Neural Science at the Institute for Clinical Social Work: to download click here: EmpathStressBrainScience12022016

NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY PRESENTATION On Empathy: what is is and how it works: 08/17/2016: click here to open: EmpathyNorhtwesternFeinbergAug172016


COURSE READINGs for Uchicago Graham School Continuing Education Course: The Secret Underground History of Empathy: September 

There are a number of relatively short readings – about thirty pages a week – that are available for free on the Internet as URLs and/or downloadable PDFs or plain text [licensed under licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License].

Please read the following prior to the class on the indicated date and come prepared to discuss your thoughts, associations, and feelings. Ask yourself: What has this got to do with empathy?

Tuesday September 27:

Luke 10:25-37 NKJV – The Parable of the Good Samaritan – And – Bible Gateway




Tuesday October 04


Tuesday October 11: No class – catch up or read ahead

Tuesday October 18


Tuesday October 25

DecetyThe_Functional_Architecture_of_Human_Empathy copy

Tuesday November 01

EdithSteinOn the Problem of Empathy – Stein, St. Edith_4199 copy [read pages 1 – 34 ]

Tuesday November 08

Same text as above [read pages 38 – 88]

Tuesday November 15

Lou Agosta. (2015). A Rumor of Empathy: Resistance, Narrative and Recovery. London: Routledge. [Pages 1 – 29]

Tuesday November 22

Lou Agosta. (2015). A Rumor of Empathy: Resistance, Narrative and Recovery. London: Routledge. [Pages 29- 62]

Lou Agosta. (2008). Empathy, autism, and other minds. Unpublished book chapter: CHEmpathyAndOtherMinds20080901

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