Educational Media: Radio Show and Videos on Empathy featuring Lou

A Rumor of Empathy in … the war against domestic violence: This is an on camera (educational) interview with Serena Low, former Executive Director, Apna Ghar (“Our Home”). Apna Ghar (“Our Home”) operates a Hot Line and Shelter for women who are dealing with domestic abuse, intimate partner abuse, including related violence, and need to find a physical location (place) to be safe. Serena provides a concise, on camera narrative of the issues and challenges faced by women in the community – and how Apna Ghar makes a difference. Serena also shares her thoughts on silence and empathy. Apna Ghar has corporate headquarters in the uptown neighborhood in Chicago  This material is rated suitable for General (G) audiences, but engages a confronting topic (domestic violence).  Also, please submit any comments here to ensure proper moderating of the contribution.  Click on the following to see the educational video  –

A Rumor of Empathy in …. Psychology – This educational video explores empathy in the listening and speaking of the community of psychologists, psychotherapists, and those committed to emotional and human well-being. That about covers it. Where is empathy present and where is it missing? Should one expect the therapist to cry with you if the trauma is really, really sad? What if she or he does cry anyway? How does this relate to music therapy? Neurology? Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)? How does empathy relate to the “circle of caring”? All these questions and more are engaged. Not to be missed!

Note: All the usual disclaimers apply. This is a good faith, best effort to expand empathy in the world by capturing the experiences and narrative of a significant individual for educational purposes.

Empathy, Stress (reduction), Neural Science – presented Dec 03, 2016 at the Joe Palombo Center for Neuroscience at the Institute for Clinical Social Work. Image depicted is the punchline to a Richard Feynman joke about the cosmos – “It’s turtles all the way down” – in the case of neuroscience “It is neurons all the way down!” Granted that the joke is not funny if one has to explain it, the video provides all the background you need to laugh (one way or the other!) –

Next: Here is the presentation on Empathy: What it is and how it works at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine on August 17, 2016. The first video is the complete talk; the second, an excerpt (some 16 minutes) on empathy and literature (e.g., Thomas Mann):

And here is the excerpt (August 17, 2016 / Northwestern Feinberg School):

Short video of Empathy on Bastille Day Talk (July 14, 2016) (click):

Complete video of Empathy on Bastille Day Talk (click):

A Rumor of Empathy – download podcast from Youtube  –

Radio Empathy – available shows – click to play

5 Recommendations to Expand One’s Empathy

12 Shows about Empathy in One Round Trip [this summaries the series and says something about each of the broadcasts]

Listening to Killers by James Garbarino [Garbarino discusses his 20+ years experience as an expert witness in murder cases on behalf of convicted killers on death row and how the humanity comes through in spite of breakdowns in the system, the community, and society as a whole – empathizing with the victims and survivors (if there are any) is relatively easy – we raise the bar on our empathy in Listening to Killers – not to be missed]

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