Empathy Training and Consulting

As the author of three professional books on empathy, I work with behavioral (mental) health professionals on burnout, compassion fatigue, and related dis-orders of empathy in their lives and practices, and my own client interactions benefit from this depth of expertise and experience. If you do not have a DSM diagnosis and do NOT want one, then I offer empathy consulting and training. For those individuals who have relational, personal, career, or business challenges and issues that require work and transformation, empathy consulting can make a difference. I start by listening to you as a possibility of transforming what you are dealing with. You start by being self-expressed about what you are really dealing with to the extent that you can confidentially do so. The difference from psychotherapy? Instead of working towards a diagnosis to satisfy an insurance company about what is wrong with you (where is the power in that?), we get to work on your possibilities, unacknowledged and hidden commitments, and strengths. The time to results can  proceed with a dramatically enhanced velocity when starting from the position that there is nothing wrong with you – or your team or company – but that there may be something missing, the availability of which would make a difference. We get to work on that difference.  Truth be told, I hope that my psychotherapy and counseling colleagues will not hate me for this post, since this is precisely what the vast majority of talented therapists actually do – and then they also do whatever needs to be done to accommodate bureaucratic requirements of paying entities or organizations. This may usefully be called out explicitly in the battle to expand empathy in the community. Call or write for further details or to have a complimentary conversation about how empathy can make a difference for you personally and your community, team, or business.

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