Return to Wittgenstein’s Vienna – not your ordinary travelogue

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The “Good Parts” – Freud’s Engagement With the Issue of Intimacy and Sex

The reader arrives at the “good parts.” One is bound to be impressed by just how modern is the challenge with which Freud engages, namely, the distinction between intimacy and sex. Without revealing anything confidential, one can still register for training and development seminars with titles similar to “intimacy and sex,” precisely because people are still grappling with the problem. Find out how the conversation got started here.

So Ancient, It is Modern: Freud’s Approach to Sexuality

The key point on which Freud’s argument turns and which is responsible for the surprising results that shocked Freud’s contemporaries is the distinction between the aim, the sexual drive (or instinct (“Trieb”)) and the sexual object. We shall have to work with this; but basically the drive or instinct aims at satisfaction. The sexual object is highly variable and different objects are relatively readily substitutable for one another.