Curriculum (empathy)

Empathy: Your Unfair Competitive Advantage in Career Results – the Movie

Our strengths are our weaknesses. So too in career transition. Some of the tactics that can make a person successful in business can become constraints as these same tactics limit empathy and close down possibilities, burn bridges, and cause¬†friends and… Read More ›

The Secret Underground History of Empathy

Surveys show that most people think that empathy is compassion. The world certainly needs more compassion, but it is not synonymous with empathy. Empathy tells you what the other person is experiencing as a vicarious experience, and not an identification; compassion (and ethics) tells you what to do about it. Empathy is oxygen for the soul. If one is feeling short of breath at the end of the school year or business cycle, it is possible that they are in need of expanded empathy.