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  • Empathy: Your Unfair Competitive Advantage in Career Results – the Movie

    Our strengths are our weaknesses. So too in career transition. Some of the tactics that can make a person successful in business can become constraints as these same tactics limit empathy and close down possibilities, burn bridges, and cause friends and… Read More ›

  • Virtual Reality Goggles for Treating Phobias: A Rumor of Empathy at Psious

    Virtual reality (VR) is coming to psychotherapy. The one thing that immediately occurred to me: Psychotherapy invokes a virtual reality all its own – even without goggles. This is especially the case with dynamic psychotherapy that activates forms of transference in which one relates to the therapist “as if” therapists in conversations that have aspects of a past or future person or reality.

  • Empathy on Bastille Day

    When one experiences the lack of empathy as a boundary issue or even a boundary violation, including a dignity violation, then the response is narcissistic rage in an attempt to get back one’s own and re-establish the boundary. I suggest this is a primitive, primary process response that is rarely well thought out or even all that adaptive – except perhaps in a context of self-defense against an immediate danger – but it is a common response. This does not jive with the average everyday understanding of empathy but it is the heart of the matter: wherever there is empathy – can narcissistic rage be far behind?

  • The Secret Underground History of Empathy

    Surveys show that most people think that empathy is compassion. The world certainly needs more compassion, but it is not synonymous with empathy. Empathy tells you what the other person is experiencing as a vicarious experience, and not an identification; compassion (and ethics) tells you what to do about it. Empathy is oxygen for the soul. If one is feeling short of breath at the end of the school year or business cycle, it is possible that they are in need of expanded empathy.

  • Historical Empathy and Strict Constructionism: About Guns

    Originally posted on Empathy Lessons:
    ? Putting ourselves in the situation of people who lived years ago in a different historical place and time is a challenge. For example … Brown Bess, Single Shot Musket, standard with the British Army…

  • 12 Top Radio Shows on Empathy

    Here are twelve (12) top radio shows on empathy. Lou Agosta interviews thought leaders in the community about work they are doing that expands empathy. Note: interviews are edited to delete the commercials. Biographical information about the speaker and interviewer… Read More ›

  • A Rumor of Empathy in Odessa – and at Yivo

    Originally posted on Empathy Lessons:
    Join me for a conversation with Jonathan Brent, Executive Director of Yivo about how things were done in Odessa on Wednesday May 20, 2015 at noon Chicago time with replay shortly thereafter. [Click here to go…