Top 7 Empathy Lessons in Leadership: The Video Replay

For those unable to attend the live webcast on November 29, 2018, here is the replay video in living color:

In the webcast the participants will engage how to:

•    Distinguish empathy from compassion, forgiveness, pity, and “niceness”;
•    Establish and maintain boundaries with bullies, slackers, difficult individuals, and friends while still honoring one’s commitment to empathy, to client service, to flourishing financially, to inclusiveness and community;
•    Identify failures (breakdowns) in empathy and what to do about it; and
•    Expand or contract empathy on demand by overcoming obstacles to empathy.

One More Thought: The same executives who claim to be empathic in the human resources meeting with the staff dismiss empathy as weakness on the earnings call with investors. Hmmm. Empathy is no guarantee against limited self-knowledge, false consciousness, hypocrisy, or snakes-in-suits; but, ultimately, empathy is an essential foundation for leadership that empowers all who engage with it. Find out how in this engaging discussion.

Empathy is never needed more than when it seems that there is no time for it.

(c) Lou Agosta, PhD and the Chicago Empathy Project

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  1. Thank you for clarifying this concept. I was thinking about you just recently. This put me back in your living room. I miss you, my friend.

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