Empathy: Your Unfair Competitive Advantage in Career Results – the Movie

Our strengths are our weaknesses. So too in career transition. Some of the tactics that can make a person successful in business can become constraints as these same tactics limit empathy and close down possibilities, burn bridges, and cause friends and allies to be less friendly. Expanded empathy is completely consistent with and supportive of “getting your numbers,” and those numbers now include high value, satisfied customers rather than sworn enemies. (Scroll down to skip to and play the educational video . . .)

People who cannot temporarily surrender their authority, status  or expertise – and at the same time occasionally display a vulnerable side of their humanity – ultimately under perform as leaders. They struggle to integrate teams, satisfy clients, come to terms with adversaries. They struggle in negotiations and building relationships with others who have diverging backgrounds, experiences, or thought models. They require expanded empathy to get to the next level of accomplishment in leading their organizations.

Please note that, in this case, “the movie” is an educational video. Here is a concise selection from the talk (27 minutes):

Here is the complete talk (1:25 hour) as delivered on July 26, 2016 to a power networking group at 525 W. Monroe (Chicago):

It goes without saying that individuals or organizations that employ shaming as a method of discipline or development destroy relatedness and create toxic emotions. Remove shame and other negative emotions and behaviors such as denial and cynicism and empathy naturally shows up and develops, enriching relations and practices from the board room to the receptionist at the front desk. According to Brené Brown, remove shame and empathy shows up (Daring Greatly: pp. 75 – 75 (2012). Lot’s of empathy that is relevant to business in her work.

So called alpha males (and now alpha executives of both genders) are being recognized for what they are – snakes in suits- who leave a trail of destruction that has resulted in a backlash burden of growing compliance and micro-management that is suffocating the life out of initiative, flexibility, and innovation in businesses of all sizes. Once again, expanded empathy is required to restore equilibrium to competitive dynamics, market growth, and sustainable revenue results.

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