Empathy: What it is and why it matters

Radio Empathy is live and on the air in conversation with Dave Howe, author, Empathy: What it is and Why it Matters. Now I have written three books on empathy and they are excellent books – and everyone would benefit from engaging with them – but this book by Howe is the book I wish I had written!!! It is accessible, readable by the average reader and yet covers all the bases. Check on the conversation between Dave and myself in the radio show. You will not be disappointed.

Empathy Lessons

Join me for an engaging, live “on the air conversation” with David Howe, author of Empathy: What it is and why it matters. David Howe begins with the idea that empathy humanizes people and their relationships. Empathy is about our shared humanity. For further details on the radio show or the replay:

Radio Empathy: Empathy: What It Is and Why It Matters – with David Howe in dialogue

This includes but is bigger than the idea that an experience or feeling is communicated for the one person to the other. Without the other person, one loses one’s humanity. One is left without vitality, aliveness, or energy. In short, one is left depressed.

EMPATHY: Cover art Empathy: What it is and why it matters, the book by David Howe

Howe continues with the origins of empathy in aesthetics and the approach to the communicability of affect and feeling in art and beautiful nature. Aesthetic…

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