A Rumor of Empathy in the Struggle Against Domestic Violence (Update: 2014-03-21)

Here is a sixteen minute educational video produced and edited by yours truly featuring Serena Low, Executive Director of Apna Ghar (“Our Home”) which operates a shelter and crisis hot line for women in Chicago. She nets out a forty hour training into a twelve minute conversation, which, amazingly enough, works out because she speaks so powerfully and concisely. Not to be missed.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), some 35.6% of women in the USA will encounter intimate partner abuse in their lifetime. This is a major public health issue the scope of which needs to be better appreciated and addressed.


Lifetime Prevalence of Rape, Physical Violence, and/or Stalking by an Intimate Partner by State of Residence—U.S. Women, NISVS 2010

(c) Lou Agosta, The Chicago Empathy Project, and Serena Low

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