A Rumor of Empathy…in Psychology (the movie)

This educational video explores empathy in the listening and speaking of the community of psychologists, psychotherapists, and those committed to emotional and human well-being. That about covers it. Where is empathy present and where is it missing? Should one expect the therapist to cry with you if the trauma is really, really sad? What if she or he does cry anyway? How does this relate to music therapy? Neurology? Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)? How does empathy relate to the “circle of caring”? All these questions and more are engaged. Not to be missed!

Note: All the usual disclaimers apply. This is a good faith, best effort to expand empathy in the world by capturing the experiences and narrative of a significant individual for educational purposes.

(c) Lou Agosta, The Chicago Empathy Project

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  1. Thank you for the engaging movie. What I learned is that most people who were interviewed regard “empathy” as “compassion” or “niceness” or “generosity” or some form of “kindness”. It is not that “empathy” is “unkindness” or “lack of compassion” – empathy is consistent with all these things. But empathy is something else – it is accessing the other person’s experience as a sample experience, vicarious experience, or trace affect, not a total identification or merger. Keep up the good work!
    parker ペン

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