Psychiatry and Horror – in the Movies!

In addition to mastering the unknown through its depiction, the “pay off” is to confront images of the fragmentation of the self, annihilation of the self, and loss of control of the self’s boundaries. That is perhaps why audiences are strangely attracted to horror films. They give a specific form to our most primitive fears, binding these deep fears to a specific something that can be objectified and can be overcome by the cinematic equivalent of the “cavalry to the rescue” or even by counter magic. It should be noted that people run from the theatre if they believe their lives are really in danger; but the views stay in their seats, having actually paid money to be frightened vicariously by the experience of watching a horror film.

My Commitment to You

My commitment is to provide a gracious and generous listening – empathy – as a stepping stone to transforming upset, “stuckness,” emotional pain, and emptiness into positive and productive engagement in relationships, career, and community. Recover your power in the face of the challenges that life is so rudely throwing at you through empathy consulting, talk therapy, and eduction. Empathy is like oxygen for the soul. So if one is experiencing a shortness of breath, stress, or roller coaster emotions in one’s life, relationships, career, or commitment, maybe one is not getting enough empathy. Empathy – a gracious and generous listening – does not just mean “being kind” – it means meeting and engaging the other person (you) where the individual is at in life. If you are struggling with issues in relationships, lack of emotional energy, unfocused energy, self-defeating behavior, under-achievement, or lack of satisfaction and meaning in a key area (or areas) in life, then a conversation for what is possible can make a profound difference. Slide1I have made a profound, positive difference in working with clients recovering from domestic violence, date rape, abuses of psychiatry in the former USSR, and diverse traumatic, confronting, unintegrated experiences. The way things work best for me is to have an initial confidential complimentary conversation in which I gather confidential data about you and get a sense of what is the challenge(s). If I believe that I can make a difference (and if you agree), then we agree on a flexible fee and schedule, based on your income and our mutual schedule and availability. We get to work. Please allow me to say that I am familiar with all the hundreds of diagnostic categories in the diagnostic manual (and I might consider adding a few extra), but I find them to be of limited value in shifting emotional, behavioral, and relationship issues. If you want or need a diagnosis, I can work with you on one; however, experience has demonstrated to me that when all the diagnostic categories are implemented and all the labels applies, in empathy, one is still in the presence of another human being. Relating to that human being is one key to shifting out of “stuckness” using empathic methods as depicted in the graphic. My commitment to you is to relate to that human being and to do so with empathy. Find your power and get it back in the fact of life’s challenges through empathic listening and responsiveness.  Contact: 1-773-203-0269 “On the Forward Edge in the Edgewater Community, Chicago, IL 60660” (c) Lou Agosta, Ph.D. and the Chicago Empathy Project